Getting paid for teacher training – Erasmus+ makes it possible!

Getting paid for teacher training – Erasmus+ makes it possible!

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By Susanne Blöcher

“I want to develop my teaching skills but can’t really afford the course costs…”

Ever had this thought? Then you have probably never heard about the Erasmus + grant. In order to support multilingualism and lifelong learning, the EU enables teachers to participate in training courses in a country other than where they usually work. And the best news is: TEFL-in-Spain is a registered centre for this!

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What do I get?

For our special training courses that run for 1 or 2 weeks, you get a grant that usually covers travel expenses, course and accommodation costs. Classes take place Monday to Friday mornings– time to relax on the beach in the afternoon! Course size is kept small, so you get to know your co-participants really well.  You will have an exciting mix of lessons on teaching methods and grammar, as well as the opportunity to apply everything straight away in observed teaching practice.

If you are interested in doing our 4-week TEFL certification, you also have the possibility to get a grant of around €350 that helps you cover your living cost for the month (but not the course cost or travel expenses).

Who can apply?

You have to be a citizen of one of the 28 EU member states. You also have to be either an ESL or Spanish teacher (teaching English/Spanish to non-natives) or a CLIL teacher (teaching subjects in English at a bilingual school).

How can I apply?

Individuals cannot apply directly, but have to find a “sending organisation”. Many training institutes and schools participate in this programme as a sending organisation – like my university, in Edinburgh! In my case, I got a one-off grant that helped me pay for my accommodation (and some Spanish wine) during the 4-week TEFL training.

Having gone through the application process, I know how confusing it can sometimes seem. That’s why I compiled an easy to follow, step-by-step guide:

  1. Ask at your school for the person responsible for staff development and EU funding.
  2. Discuss your application for the course you want to do: does it fit into their funding criteria?
  3. Sign up for the course online, pay the fee and you get an acceptance letter.
  4. Give the acceptance letter, which states TEFL-in-Spain’s official registration number as host organisation, to your school (“sending organisation”).
  5. You will have to complete some additional application documents: the Grant agreement (detailing the amount of funding) and the Learning Agreement (detailing how the course is relevant to your professional development).
  6. Your sending organisation then submits the Erasmus+ application to their national agency.
  7. Once approved, you will get the grant transferred onto your bank account! It usually arrives before you go, and reimburses the course fee, plus covers travel and housing cost.
  8. Welcome to your completely funded teacher training course in sunny Spain!


Personally, I can really recommend this programme – without it, I would never be TEFL certified and as confident in the classroom as I am now!

If you follow this guide, I hope you too can benefit from it soon!

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