TEFL Testimonials

TEFL Abroad testimonials

Read what some of our graduates say about their Trinity TESOL experience!


Michael E. Grullón
21, USA
It was the course from hell, but a paradisiacal experience. Truly do forget about your life when here, you need to focus on your work and improving with every proceeding try. I can definitely see my own personal improvement and growth, just as it was evident amongst the other learners in my group too. It’s quite intensive, but it’s all set and done in only 4 weeks that go by fairly quickly. You leave with so many new techniques, tips, practices and your certificate! You have to pace yourself, work hard, and make sure to sleep! The course opens your eyes to how students learn and what actually works with language learners. The location is divine, right in the center of the city, surrounded by beautiful monuments. The school is growing and things keep improving, plus you’re in an international environment in the middle of all the hustle and bustle of Rome. The course tutors that will be instructing you are very professional, skilled, and experienced, they truly care about having you improve with every week and absorb as much as possible. The support is always there, and makes it all the difference in developing your teaching skills.
22, UK

I am really glad I took this course! It’s been really intense but I’ve learned a lot and enjoyed myself a lot. I think (hope!) I’ve made friends for life and developed new skills, that I can’t wait to make use of in the classroom.

Make no mistake: this course is not for the faint-hearted, but if you’re willing to work hard and you have an open mind then you will learn a lot.

Ekaterina Smirnova
29, Russia

Having studied teaching and linguistics for five years, I had little idea of what an English lesson could be like. My education allowed me to work as a teacher but as a teacher with a rigid mindset and lack of flexibility. I was taught to be like this: to rely on a set of rules, directives and limited understanding of the learning process. However, that went against my nature and I realised that something had to be done. I didn’t really know how or where or when, though. It was by accident that I came across the abbreviation TEFl and became curious of its name and philosophy. Although, nothing is an accident, really.

I was lucky to find a solution to the problem that had been worrying me since graduation and first years of teaching practice. The Trinity CertTESOL course gave me the satisfaction and realization that I am following the right path in my life. Now the pieces of the puzzle now fall easily into place. The communicative approach showed me the other side of the educational coin. Yes, it can be engaging, efficient, diverse, challenging and interactive. During these intense two months I have been noticing, and quite surprisingly so, profound changes in me as a teacher and in me asa person. I could as well say that I was able to combine those personalities at last. There is no more contradiction. That being said, I should mention that I am now more aware of what kind of a teacher I am and the multiple professional skills that desperately need improvement. But I will be happy to work on those and anticipate encounter with more challenges in my future career as an ESL teacher. It is something I gladly look forward to…

This course gave me a sense of direction. And it gave me confidence that setting goals for your professional development might result in you actually achieving them. I’ve learned a lot on this journey. And I am grateful for the people who were with me.

Aynslee Davissen
25, Australia

Completing my CertTESOL with TEFL in Italy was a fantastic experience. Intensive, certainly! Yet, also practical, engaging and incredibly worthwhile.

The staff are friendly and approachable, and the tutors are experienced and supportive.

Thank you for the (whirlwind) month in Rome!

Hélène Jonnard
30, France

This course helped me improve as a teacher. I was lucky to receive constructive feedback from experienced teachers. The students were eager to learn English and they asked interesting questions that helped me in my teaching practice. I was given useful tips, good ideas and valuable strategies to enhance my teaching skills.

I had the opportunity to meet nice people with different backgrounds and this made our discussions even more interesting. I have learned a lot in such a short period of time, I’m really happy I resisted for the course in Rome. It was a wonderful journey to class every day!

Ana Marques de Barros
24, Portugal

I would recommend this course for anyone who’d like to become a certified teacher. They gave a lot of support and you learn so many things and gain new and extraordinary insight into the world of teaching languages.

Josh Reed
27, UK

I would highly recommend this course to any potential candidate. It is thorough, engaging and you receive lots of support.

Maria Angelica
30, Italy

I would highly recommend this course. It was really intensive but it was the best choice of my life. I can guarantee that people will not be disappointed with this course. The course is really challenging but rightfully so! The school is amazing and the tutors are great! Always ready to answer to your questions.

Eleonora Vallorani
28, Italy

These past two weeks have been really challenging, but I loved the cooperative atmosphere and the pool of ideas we shared and got inspired from! I will definitely recommend this course to anybody willing to pursue a career in teaching!

Jenny Gibbs
44, UK

This course was a positive and constructive experience. I learnt a lot in an intense but exhilarating way. The trainers were very supportive and approachable. I have come away with a great sense of achievement. Thanks to all the TEFL in Italy team!

Pamela Quezada
28, Dominican Republic/U.S.A.
The course is intense, but so fulfilling. The trainers are experienced, available, and friendly. I learned more than I could have ever imagined. Rome is gorgeous and the students you will be teaching are so enthusiastic and supportive of the trainees. Are you at all hesitant? Sign up!!! It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I will never forget my time here.
Ana-Alicia Burrows
The Bahamas
Teaching is what I have been doing for the past three and a half years, but it is not something that I had developed a passion for — until now. Doing this TEFL course in Italy has opened my eyes to the range of benefits, intrigue, and overall satisfaction that can be had from teaching, and it has taught me new things both about myself and about the profession. I have always wanted to travel to Italy, and doing so with the added bonus of improving myself professionally was the best decision I have ever made. It is true what they warn you about: the course is intense. However, the assignments, input sessions, and teaching practice all combine to aide in your development and, in the end, make you a stronger and more confident teacher. Proper time management and great support from fellow trainees and tutors alike guarantees that you will make it through, no matter what. I learned so much on this course, met some of the most amazing people, and have now strengthened myself with a certificate that will keep me moving forward. If I could do it over, I would not change one thing, except for maybe this: I wouldn’t leave. If you’re thinking about a TEFL course, this one is a good one. Just go for it.
Faro Maltese
When they told me the course is intensive, I didn’t seriously know what to expect… I found out when I arrived there: tons of information on subjects I never studied, nights of little sleep to be able to complete the tasks and prepare lessons for the teaching practice… But exactly for this reason it changed me like few other things happened in my life did: it showed me sides I didn’t know about myself, skills I didn’t know I had. There were difficult moments, of course, but I didn’t give up, especially thanks to the tutors: they are there to help you when the pressure is too high. If you will take this course you will not be left alone, and you will get the value that you paid for.
Natasha Mayhew
Great Britain
The course is highly intensive, but after having completed it, I feel an enormous sense of achievement. It taught me so much about the importance of time management and how to prioritize. We all experienced a whirlwind of emotions throughout, but worked efficiently. It did help to mould us into stronger people both on a personal and professional level. The tutors we had were very dedicated in helping us succeed. They led by example in showing us what it takes to be a teacher of English. They always gave constructive, honest feedback to the lessons we taught and never failed to encourage and praise us when we showed improvement. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who wishes to further their teaching development.
Johane Oliveira
At first, I was very nervous about the course. The tutors were very friendly and open to help you. The first week is where a lot of learning and serious guiding for us takes place. From the second week, you are supposed to do your own lesson plans, and it’s very scary to do. The tutors and other trainees are there to help and assist you.I have to say the amount of work is huge, and yes, it takes a lot of time. The course, it is afull-time thing, but the joy to have the students doing and understanding what you prepared is worth it. At the end, the sense of accomplishment is amazing! I would recommend, for sure, the TELF course in Rome.
Mariangela Graziano
28, Italy
The TEFL course had a large amount of source information and tools to become a great teacher. I learned so many things in just one month. It’s very intense, like every short course, but the tutors really helped us and kept motivating every trainee. We all shared beautiful and stressful moments as a big family! The atmosphere within the school is great for learning and teaching. The scenery outside is beautiful and I took walks during my lunch break with the other trainees. I have had a lovely time for my first study abroad experience. Don’t give up and be motivated throughout the course! You’ll be satisfied in the end and you’ll see all your progress!